We, Cevizce Erdem Fidancılık, produce certificated grafted walnut saplings in our open production areas and greenhouses in Balıkesir Province, Bandırma County.

We produce walnut saplings that can be grown up in various regions of our country, particularly walnut varieties of Chandler (Çetnır), which has been recognized for its superior productivity, and Fernor, which can be grown up in the regions with active late spring frosts, as open-rooted and tubed (bagged – with soil).

  • We provide technical support before and after planting in the areas that you shall lay out a walnut garden.

  • The saplings we produce are blue-certificated and they are the products that subject to high grants by our government. The documents required for grant support are delivered to our investors and farmers by us.

We produce open-rooted and tubed walnut saplings by grafting with “full integrated budding method”, which is the most efficacious superior grafting method.

Our saplings, which have phytosanitary and other certificates, are also grown up in accordance with exportation and we have exportation infrastructure as a company.