We take advance-orders for open-rooted Chandler walnut saplings of 2021-2022 seasons. Our Chandler walnut saplings have blue certificate and are within the scope of subsidy with a grant of 400 TL per decare. For ordering saplings and information, you may contact with Levent Erdem through the telephone number 0 539 6548945.

Chandler walnut tree is a walnut variety, which has been planted both in terms of professional agriculture and by small investors within the last 13 years in our country and significant fruit yields have been achieved and which has proven itself. It is an American-originated walnut, which has been planted extensively again California region of USA, and already accepted world-wide.

Also in Chili, which is one of the countries of South American Continent, large Chandler gardens have been established and good yields have been achieved, and it has become famous as Chili walnut and found market.

When the Chandler gardens, where superior yield is achieved in our country, are reviewed, it is seen that the efforts of the investors are not wasted and it becomes a commercial value if the plantation is carried out by complying with the correct geographical regions, correct soil structure and correct planting rules.

The most important matters to be considered within this scope are the following;

a. We recommend to plant the Chandler walnut variety up to an average elevation of 1000-1100 meters from the seal level, thus to plant it on the regions having an altitude of 1000-1100 meters and below.

b. It must be planted together with franquette, fernette and ronde walnut varieties, which are the correct pollinators. The pollinator ratio may be arranged from 10% to 5% franquette-fernette depending on the size of the garden to be established.

c. As the Chandler tree is fertile to the sub-branches, it is a variety suitable for planting in corridor-type. Within this scope, planting may be carried out with intervals of 4x8, 5x7 and 6x8.

Intervals of Walnut Sapling Planting; (Picture showing the plantation of 5X7)

Intervals of (2)-year old Chandler Walnut Garden Sapling Plantation is (5) meters to (7) meters.

We can establish a walnut garden consisted of 285 walnut trees per 10 decares, when Chandler walnut saplings are planted in intervals of 5 meters to 7 meters; and a walnut garden consisted of (312) walnut trees per (10) decares, when Chandler walnut saplings are planted in intervals of (4) meters to (8) meters. The abovementioned data is average data calculated by spacing out (0) metre from the edges. You must make your calculations considering the width and length of your land and so as to avoid any damages to the neighbouring garden. This may require you to open the planting pits 3 – 3.5 meters inside the border.

Productivity and Profitability of Chandler Walnut; It is possible to get average 15-20 kg walnut per tree when a chandler garden, which is cared well, reaches to the age of 6-7. This matter has been determined by us in the chandler walnut gardens that were already established.

If we consider that we plant 285 walnut trees on 10 decares; it is possible to get 285 x 15 = 4275 Kg of unshelled walnut from this garden after (6-7) years. It is possible to get 285 x 20 Kg unshelled walnut.