Fernor walnut saplings are originated from France. They can be planted up to 1800 meters. Female flowers bloom at May. Fernor is recommended at places where late spring frosts is seen. For duster Ronde and Fernette are being plant with a ratio of 1/10. Fernor trees are harvested at September.

Planting process;
Fernor could be planted between 800m and 1800 meters. It could be planted as 5m x 8m, 5m x 7m, 4m x 8m. Fruit efficiency at side branches is high.

Fernor fruit features;
Fernor walnut fruits are light cased.
On the trees fruits are clustured as 2, 3 or 4.
The weight of a fruit is 12 grams and it contains 51% fats and 20% protein.
The fat ratio is high at fernor fruits and this high ratio makes them tasty.