We produce open-rooted walnut saplings by grafting with “full integrated budding method”, which is the most efficacious superior grafting method.

Our open-rooted saplings, which are (2) years old at least, are under the control of Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

The saplings, which achieve the root and body growth within the area they have been planted at maximum level, are ideal for establishing gardens.

Uprooting of our open-rooted walnut saplings starts from November following the sapling goes into winter dormancy, thus after it sheds its leaves. Uprooting and shipment transactions continue to the end of March.

Our open-rooted saplings have been produced as a result of at least a two-year effort. An open-rooted walnut sapling is a strongly grown sapling in terms of root, length, and body.

We produce Chandler, Fernor, Franquette, and Fernette and Ronde walnut sapling varieties as open-rooted.

We produce Chandler walnut variety with Blue certificate, and Fernor walnut variety with yellow certificate.

Saplings offered for sale are sized according to the request of the consumers, and shipped via Cargo or transportation vehicles.
*Those having a length of 60-100cm
* Those having a length of 100-150cm
* Those having a length of 150-200cm
*Extra saplings above 200cm

Our open-rooted walnut saplings, which may be produced within a long time period such as at least 30 months, are uprooted in line with the requests received from you. Particular importance is given to uprooting without any damage to the roots during uprooting.

Open-rooted walnut saplings, which are uprooted, are bundled per varieties in bundles of 10 and made ready for sale.

The holes to be opened to plant the open-rooted saplings, which you shall purchase from us, should be in a depth of at least 60-70 cm and in a diameter of 50cm.

You may order open-rooted saplings, which have high grants, in advance due to the intensity of demand.

For the prices of walnut saplings and information, you may contact with Levent Erdem through the telephone number 0 539 6548945.